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Process requirements of gold foil


Gold foil forging craftsmanship is unique, with high technical standards. It maintains a variety of traditional smelting and production techniques. From ancient times to the present, it has been hand-made and hammered, which is a special traditional handicraft in my country. Therefore, the old star divided the gold foil industry into five elements for leaf patting, garnishing, foiling, lifting and cutting. After the summary of the ancestors, the current Nanjing Gold Foil Industry has combed the whole process of gold foil forging into twelve technological processes. The gold undergoes stripping, leafing, falling open, kang, twisting, foiling, showing and cutting foil. After careful production and processing, the gold is beaten into paper-thin gold leaf, 100 pieces of gold leaf piled together are not 0.1mm high.
Gold foil is beaten into flakes with a thickness of no more than 0.1 micron. It is used as a secret recipe for the decoration design of engineering buildings, utensils, Buddhist statues and precious Chinese medicine prescriptions. Among them, 98 pure gold leaf and imitation gold leaf are mainly used for general purposes, and are suitable for all decorative designs to stick gold leaf. Such as: hotel business buildings, temples and temples, antique garden landscapes, contemporary high-end decoration, large and medium-sized sculptures, luxury villa furniture, horizontal plaque couplets, architectural decorations with gold leaf and gold leaf paintings, gold leaf books, gold leaf commemorative stamps, Gold leaf wallpaper, gold leaf decorative design control panel, gold leaf floor tiles Masek, gold leaf kitchen utensils, tea utensils, fruit plates, large vases, laminated glass plates, gold leaf artwork, gold rice bowls, etc.
Gold foil stickers are not only used in the streets of the Chinese nation, but also all over the world. In addition, taking gold leaf (also called "high-purity gold leaf") is mostly used for medicines, alcohol, snacks, freshly ground coffee, tea, hot pot restaurants, gourmet food, seasonings, skin care products, bathing agents and other various foods and utensils With the addition of ingredients, it can upgrade the product level, enhance the joyous atmosphere, and can also prolong life and prolong the year, beauty and skin care. Naturally, high-purity gold leaf can be used to paste gold leaf with the decorative design of ultra-luxury or special gold art products.
The gold leaf painting is a very precious collection, so everyone has to overhaul it. Everyone should make the surface smooth and maintain the color for a long time when storing, and prevent contact with water, ethanol, acid and alkali. The actual effect of the gold color of the gold foil is long. In addition, the three-dimensional gold foil framed paintings are afraid of insects, mildew, moisture, soaking, and fire. They need to be stored in a natural environment with natural ventilation in Qianshuang shade. If the house is humid and hot, no wall decoration paintings are allowed.
Everyone should do a good job of sun protection and waterproofing when storing gold leaf paintings. Because the natural environment is too cold and wet, the gold leaf paintings will cause damage. In summer, everyone should avoid natural light illuminating the gold leaf painting, avoid high-calorie food lighting effects, long-distance natural light and maintain a distance above 30cm). Everyone should prevent the gold leaf painting from being exposed to a humid and dusty natural environment for a long time. If there is dust on the surface, it can be gently scrubbed with a dry cotton cloth. It is not suitable for cleaning with damp cotton towels. Use hard brushes or feathers to clean up the dust. Avoid cleaning with liquids with organic chemicals.
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