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The history of gold leaf crafts


The history of gold foil crafts dates back to more than 1700 years ago and is a traditional Chinese production process. The gold leaf beaten by 1 gram of gold can cover a total area of ​​0.47 square meters. The key is to use the secret recipe of gold leaf and precious Chinese medicine prescriptions for engineering construction, clothing, handicrafts, and Buddha statue decoration design. The gold leaf of the architectural decoration design of the Chinese Stone Archway in Philadelphia, Beijing Tiananmen Square, Beijing Great Hall of the People, CCTV, and the Potala Palace in Tibet are all gold leaf crafts. The key is to use unforged gold as the key raw material. According to the unique processing technology, the metal material sheet is produced and processed. It has the characteristics of thin paper, authentic color, uniform thickness, and long-lasting color.  
The key to gold foil crafts are: Buddha statues, zodiac signs, flowers, birds, fish and insects, dragons and phoenixes, golden statue cards, gold foil paintings, souvenir golden statue cards, pure Buddha statue cards, pure gold Buddha statue cards, pure gold personal business cards, etc. With strong cultural connotation and rich and colorful spirituality, it is an exquisite decoration for friends and relatives, and a collection of souvenirs. In recent years, the shadow of gold leaf crafts has also appeared in the home furniture sales market. Such noble and light items are stuck to the furniture that everyone is constantly touching. In normal times, how should everyone maintain this soft and delicate gold leaf crafts and silver leaf?   
The surface layer of the gold leaf crafts to be covered with gold leaf must be leveled, free of oil and scratches. Therefore, before the gold leaf is applied, the surface layer of the products that have been painted must be cleaned up again, and the surface dust and waste must be removed with ethanol. Scrub neatly. After cleaning and tidy, brush the product with super glue. The whole process can be sprayed with a spray gun, brush, cloth tape, etc.; the rule is that the super glue must be brushed in time to ensure that it is well-proportioned, no bubbles, no flow marks, and no Accumulation of glue. Coat the gold foil on the surface where the foil must be applied, then grasp the range, and gently rub it in time with a brush. After the gold leaf is pasted, clean it with fluff, and then use a brush to brush a thin layer of gold leaf varnish on the gold leaf. This whole process has two effects: one is to clean the floating particles on the gold leaf; the other is to fix and maintain the gold leaf again.  
In addition, in response to the question "Why the gold foil on some furniture on the market is not bright or dull" that customers are more suspicious, the fact that the gold foil is not bright or dull is due to the fact that the surface paint is not smooth and flat, or the super glue has too much moisture. Many, not done to a certain level. Therefore, when applying gold leaf, the base blank of gold leaf crafts must be smooth and flat, and the paint must be saturated. In addition, the gold leaf time and the environmental humidity of the super glue must be grasped properly to ensure the quality of the gold leaf. It is a prerequisite for customers to buy good gold-leaf crafts, but the wear resistance of the goods usually lies in the customer's usual maintenance of gold-leaf crafts.
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