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98 pure gold foil and imitation gold foil are the most widely used


Gold foil forging technology is unique and requires high technical requirements. It maintains the traditional smelting and forging technology. It has been hand-made and hammered since ancient times. This is a unique and traditional whole process in our country. In the past, the gold foil industry was divided into five factors by veteran artists, namely leaf shooting, plating, hot stamping, foil lifting and foil cutting. According to the summary of the ancestors, the casting process of gold foil can be sorted into 12 processing processes. Gold is produced according to the meticulous production and processing of strips, leaves, decay seeds, kang kang, twisting seeds, foiling, presentation, and foil cutting. Therefore, the gold is made into paper-thin gold foil, and 100 pieces of gold foil are piled together. The aspect ratio is less than 0.1 mm. Gold foil is famous for its high quality. This whole process is wonderful and mutual, making gold as thin as paper, reflecting the intelligence and intelligence of our laborers, and is a major feature of our folk handicrafts.  
Gold foil is a formula used in engineering buildings, containers, decorative designs of Buddha statues, and precious Chinese medicine prescriptions to hammer gold nuggets into flakes with a thickness of no more than 0.1 microns. Among them, 98 pure gold leaf and imitation gold leaf are the most widely used, suitable for all decorative designs. For example, hotel restaurant engineering buildings, temples, Buddha statues and temples, antique garden landscapes, contemporary luxury decorative design, large and medium-sized sculptures, luxury furniture, horizontal plaques and spring couplets decorative design works, gold leaf paintings, gold leaf books, gold leaf commemorative stamps, Gold foil wallpaper, gold foil decorative panels, gold foil floor tiles Masek, electroplated gold kitchen utensils, tea utensils, fruit platter, large vases, laminated glass plates, electroplated gold artwork, gold rice bowls, etc. Gold foil is not only applicable to the north and south of the Chinese nation, but also applicable to countries in the world. In addition, edible gold leaf (also known as "high purity gold leaf") is mainly used as a preservative for various high-end foods and objects, such as medicines, red wine, birthday cakes, freshly ground coffee, tea, hot pot restaurants , Dishes, seasonings, skin care products, shower agents, etc. It can upgrade the product level, enhance the atmosphere of joy, prolong life, and clean up the appearance. Naturally, high-purity gold leaf can also be used for super luxurious or unique gold products for decorative design and electroplating.  
Gold foil has a wide range of applications, including Buddhist schools, ancient building structures, high-end affordable housing construction, healthcare and medical products, and education. Among them, Buddha statue gold foil, pavilion gold foil, horizontal plaque spring couplets, and design and decoration gold foil are more widely used fields of gold foil. The cost of pure gold industrial products with gold leaf craft products is relatively low, which not only embodies the elegance of gold, but also ensures the essence of modern sculpture. Being able to always be as brilliant and splendid as gold, being able to transcend gold into the integration of company design decoration, artwork appreciation and personal collection of excellent products, and become a new trend nowadays. At present, the gold leaf crafts manufacturing industry can be said to be colorful, such as gold leaf paintings, gold image cards, pure gold electronic business cards, pure gold leaf photos, obsidian gold leaf ornaments crafts, gold leaf decorations, keychains, golden rice bowls and so on. Nowadays, in the sales market, gold leaf crafts are also pioneering and enterprising. The art paintings are made into transparent film composites on the film photos pasted with gold leaf. High-end simulation gold leaf paintings are made, and the production process is more complicated. Glazed gold leaf painting, etc.
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