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The use of gold foil in the construction industry


Gold foil is widely used in antique buildings, modern buildings, golden plaques, etc., such as gilding Buddha statues, gilding carved beams and paintings, and gilding decoration design. The most well-known gilded constructions are: Beijing Tiananmen Square, Beijing Great Hall of the People, CCTV, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, Tibet Potala Palace, etc. In addition, gold foil is also the raw material for making high-end painting ink. With the relaxation of the gold trading market and the improvement of people's living standards, the scope of application of gold foil will eventually become wider.
Gold foil involves various industries such as Buddhism, classical gardens, high-level engineering construction, medical and health products and cultural undertakings. Among them, gold foil is applied to Buddha statues, carved beams and painted buildings, plaque couplets, and gold foil is used for decoration design. It is a more extensive use of gold foil. . Various foil products are now widely used worldwide. Many European houses, theaters, main churches, church roofs and many historical museums and castles all use gold leaf, copper, and aluminum platinum.
As close as my country’s Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, Beijing’s Forbidden City, Shaolin Temple, Shandong Confucian Temple, Potala Palace, Nanjing Qixia Temple, Suzhou Hanshan Temple, as far as China Hotel in Moscow, Thai Imperial Palace, Osaka Shinsai Bridge Stone Arch, President of Zaire The mansion, the city of St. Petersburg and other world-famous buildings are all glittering with gold leaf. Chinese Stone Arch in Philadelphia, United States, Zaire Presidential Residence, Beijing Hotel in Moscow, Beijing Tiananmen, Beijing Great Hall of the People, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, CCTV, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong's ever-blooming bauhinia, Macau's prosperous lotus, Hong Kong's Guanyin Temple , Tibet’s Potala Palace, Henan White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Nanjing Qixia Temple, etc. are all pasted with gold leaf.
Craft gifts veneered with gold leaf have relatively low cost of pure gold products, which not only can best reflect the gorgeousness of gold, but also maintain the essence of plastic arts; it can not only survive as brilliant as gold, but also can cross the use of gold. It has been upgraded to integrate decorative design, art appreciation, and personal collection of excellent products, which has become a new fashion trend today. At this stage, the gold leaf art industry can be said to be colorful, such as gold leaf paintings, gold image cards, pure gold personal business cards, pure gold leaf photos, amethyst gold leaf ornaments, gold leaf ornaments, key rings, gold rice bowls, etc. In today’s sales market, gold leaf art is also shabby and new. The painting is made into a fully transparent film composite type on the film photo pasted with gold leaf to make high-end simulation gold leaf paintings, and its more complex gold leaf paintings and ceramic glaze gold leaf Painting etc.
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